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Retriever Vest

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  • Product Description

    Should not be worn over 40 degrees F.
    Waterproof  ~  Windproof  ~  No-Chafe Covered Zipper  ~  Flotation Inserts for Neutral Bouyancy  ~  Soft Fleece does not Chafe like Neoprene
    Fabric - Original Waterproof Fleece - Heavyweight:
    All-Terrain Outerwear
    Quiet-Fleece Exterior/Interior
    Lateral Stretch
    Reflective Body Heat
    Top of the Line Performance
    Sizing:  Measure Chest of Dog to give a guideline for sizing.
    SM - 27"-28"
    MED - 29"-30"
    LG - 30"-31"
    XL - 31"-32"
    2XL - 32"-33"
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    1. fleece vs neoprene

      i have used both types of vest. i feel the fleece is best for several reasons:
      1) lighter but still protects
      2) dries faster
      3) does not draw oders as badly
      4) easier to keep clean and dry
      5) does not make hot spots on inner legs
      on Dec 23rd 2018

    2. Decent vest

      This is a nice, looser-fitting vest for a my 40-pound male Boykin spaniel (ordered the small). The two side panels appear to be moderately water resistant, but the bottom panel that stretches along the chest/stomach absolutely absorbs water. Great for swimming or dry field hunting, but not so great for a dog that is going to be getting into deeper water and then sitting out of it for longer periods, as the vest just retains water. on Jan 17th 2018

    3. Not all its cut out to be, but not all bad, either.

      I found the vest's sizing chart to be way off base, and the "L" said to be cut for a 29" chest was the vest that actually fit my dog's 32" chest properly. And while I like that the neck isn't as oversized and scoop-like as most untailored neoprene vests, the vest's aft end is the shortest I've seen and as loose or looser as any untailored neoprene vest I've seen.

      It would not be my choice for added warmth, but works well to keep the dog from shaking more water on me in warm to moderate weather without overheating the dog. Still too soon to know how well it might protect the dog from staubs and such, but so far, so good in that regard.

      For really cold work though, I'd recommend a properly tailored neoprene vest.
      on Dec 25th 2016

    4. Great product with major flaws

      This is a great product to keep a dog warm and is more comfortable for the dog than convention neoprene. It may be useful for those who hunt only open water. I hunt thick cover and ducks sometimes fall in tree or brush lines. The vest rip easily and zippers only last a few hunts in these conditions. The vest hardly last when hunting flooded corn. I have been through numerous vests and my wife has made lots of repairs including sowing in backing for zippers and patching rips. My wife is a field trailer and we have recently bought several vest to help keep dogs warm while riding in dog truck. They work great for that purpose. As for hunting, I would not recommend if you have much cover to deal with. We would love to make suggestions to make this product better as we like the concept more than neoprene. A great product that currently lacks durability. on Dec 19th 2016

    5. Great vest

      I now own 2 vests. I bought the first off of the Christmas ad and after receiving it my wife tried it on our 14 year old lab and he just loved it so he took ownership leaving my 6 year old hunting lab stuck with his neoprene vest which he really doesn't care for. I still prefer the neoprene when hunting really icy water but for regular conditions I like the look and feel of the Rivers West product so I ordered another one for Hank. We received it just a couple days before Christmas so I made him wear it Christmas morning on our regular 5 mile morning walk, unfortunately( just like John Sealock) he went through a barb wire fence and pretty much split the vest open the whole length of the zipper. My wife's going to try and fix it on the sewing machine but I thinks its toast and I do think I'll order another one and just use for hunting. on Dec 27th 2015

    6. Early Review

      I bought six vests as we have several dogs and I hunt almost every day. So far I like these vest better than the several neoprene ones I own. The dogs find them much more comfortable and so far they seem to provide the same warmth and protection as the neoprene vests. The various camo patterns seem comparable. I have all sizes of Labrador Retrievers and 2XL is more than adequate for a large lab. XL fits a good sized lab and L for smaller sized males and medium to large females. Unfortunately, one of my labs went under a barbed wire fence and the vest ripped easily in three places. Finding a good patching method is probably a must. The vests have a fine toothed metal zipper that is not particularly easy to zip and how well it will perform in the long run is yet to be determined. The good includes the nice fit, good protection, and the conformability for the dog. The bad is how durable they will turn out to be and that they take significantly longer to dry than neoprene vests. The flotation aids are in Velcro pockets and permanent sowed pockets would be better. These vests are a little pricy, but I bought mine as part of a Christmas sale at what I feel was a fair price. Neoprene vests have some significant issues that Rivers West vest has worked to improve. Vests are a must if you care about your hunting dog. on Dec 18th 2015

  • Warranty Information

    Limited Lifetime Warranty:
    Advanced Waterproof Fleece (AWF) products are fully warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. If a product ever fails due to a manufacturing defect, even after extended use, we will repair or replace the product, at our discretion. RIVERS WEST does not warranty and is not responsible for damages caused by misuse, abuse, accidents, the natural breakdown of materials over time, or problems that may be reasonably expected with normal wear or failure to follow outerwear care instructions (below). Damage not covered under warranty will be repaired for a reasonable rate and a fee will be charged for return shipping.

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